The Organic Nickibaby Angel Light Blue

The Organic Nickibaby Angel Light Blue

Whether you’re shopping for your newborn or a toddler, the Organic Nickibaby Angel Light Blue is a lovely choice. Made from natural materials, this cuddly baby wears a matching hat and white angel wings. It has a posable body made of cotton knit and velour. It is also fiberfilled for added warmth and comfort. The perfect gift for a new mom, the Angel is the perfect companion for your little one.

Natural materials

Handcrafted in Germany by the original soft doll designer, this light blue angel is fully washable, soft, and cuddly. Made of 100 percent natural materials, the inside filling is made from anti-allergenic granulate material, while the outside fabric is certified organic cotton, ensuring it is safest for your baby. Designed for safe playtime for babies, this soft toy is machine washable and dryable on a low-heat setting.

The natural materials used to create the blue angel’s body and wire star make the design unique and delightful. The light blue color of this angel reflects the ray of light that is emitted by the sun on Sundays, which is considered the best day to pray and meditate. This beautiful light blue angel is a perfect companion for your little angel. Her enchanting, happy face and floppy hat make her a wonderful gift for your little angel.

Powerful symbol

The angel light ray in blue is a powerful symbol that represents power, faith, courage, and strength. It is part of the metaphysical system of angel colors, which includes seven different rays of light that vibrate at different frequencies of electromagnetic energy. These rays attract angels with similar energy, and some believe that different colors represent different missions. You can focus your prayers on a particular angel’s ray to achieve specific results.


The angel Light Blue ray of the Holy Angels symbolizes protection, power, faith, courage, and strength. It is part of a metaphysical system of seven different angel colors, which are thought to attract angels that have similar energies. People pray to the Angels of Light Blue to help them find courage and overcome fear, and they ask the angels of light to protect them from harm. There are several colors of the Angel Light Blue, so they can help you focus your prayers to specific ones.


A beautiful, organic newborn rattle featuring the name Courage is the perfect gift for your little one. This baby rattle is made of all-natural organic cotton and comes with a matching cloth diaper cover. This rattle is also hypoallergenic, making it safe for your baby to sleep in. Courage is a powerful virtue that comes from the heart and is guided by love. When we act with courage, we seek the truth and justice. We stand by our convictions and are able to inspire others with our success.

The angel ray of blue is known to encourage adventure and risk-taking. The light of this angel attracts angels with similar energies. The blue angel ray is associated with the archangel Michael, which translates into courage. In addition, praying with this color invites God to reveal His will and inspire us to act on it. Specifically, this ray radiates the most on Sunday, which is the day of prayer and meditation.