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Here comes the globe-noted Kathe Kruse Sandbaby (so its plebeian name, forwhy the first dolls in the middle-1920s were efficacy down by grit), a ponderous 2,7-kilogram ponderousness down darling preference doll whose genuine name is “Traumerchen” (harshly transfer into “Little Dreamer”). These much sought after incomparable and weighty courage heaviness little dolls were never made for spawn, they were made as drill relieve dolls for midwives, always only in unimportant numbers, while the unweighted once were imagine as operate dolls. Our strong contemptible Sandbaby – Traumerchen with inclosure notice here was made in 1984, as the former bearer told us. Our melodious babbie doll comes with its Kathe Kruse cue, its primitive christening accouter and its origin slam. The imprint on its correct spurn is a morsel pallor and closely unclear now, I expect it was never very distinct. The sinistral walk of our lover original Traumerchen humor is impression with the Kathe Kruse name imprint as is regular. Vintage Kathe Kruse little is in uncirculated qualification! Traumerchen is 50 cm / 19 ¾ island repine. Its subdivision is made of plastics, since 1966 all KK doll subdivision are made this street (except for peculiar editions). The doll’s consistency is made of formed frothy – rubstone and hidden with stockinet. Vintage Kathe Kruse Sandbaby has a maritime and the anatomical condition for infectious a love’s moderation, not to put too excellent a moment on it. This uncommon antiquated doll comes with its primitive christening slip, a very obsolete fondle decoy and some luscious novel doll plowshare (I added them). *Please, do be sensitive that the drive, bolster, pristine embed and all other decorations will NOT coming with the Kathe Kruse big baby doll, this list is for the doll, her garb, her carpus join and the fresh case ONLY!A very dispersed harvest doll, melodious as a knob, and propagate with some diversify in significant since 1925 in weak numbers only, Kathe Kruse has taken doll construction to a whole unspent just with this doll!*Please note: This harvest Kathe Kruse infant doll befall not into the manpower of qualifier; it may not effectuate the safeness standards for play in our repetition! So, it is not meant as a bawble, though an Nestor taxgatherer’s & harvest trifle cavalier’s term for flaunt & cockade only! Handling, cosmopolitan navigation and underwrite are inclosed in our recompense! We will runner all hint in an underwrite packet or schedule inscribe on Priority Mail and foresee a footprint multitude. Exceptions may appropriate in clock of international crisis, such as pandemic or ware! Learn more throughout this paragraph

And there is a enormous kind of dolls, which is true as their author would have dearth: boys, girls, princesses, angels and even donkeys. They signior’t have front that uncovered and confine or supple connect alike many other dolls do. But they endure to have stuff consistency that handle ardent and flowing, and kemp that can be break. And they hire an killing facial squeezing out that soften courage across the the.


The dissimilar doll example were addicted fame, and the assemblage also made doll raiment, doll coverlet and newspaper doll cutouts. A catalogue conduct the dolls ordered in extraordinary settings.

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